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Seurico™ Two-in-One Eyeliner & False Eyelash Adhesive Pen - Glue -Free, Waterproof

Seurico™ Two-in-One Eyeliner & False Eyelash Adhesive Pen - Glue -Free, Waterproof

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Seurico™ Two-in-One Eyeliner & False Eyelash Adhesive Pen - Glue -Free, Waterproof

Seurico™ Two-in-One Eyeliner & False Eyelash Adhesive Pen - Glue -Free, Waterproof

Regular price $11.97
Regular price $11.97 Sale price $19.99
SAVE 40% Sold out

Seurico™ isn't just an eyeliner—it's a multitasking marvel.

Use it as an adhesive for false lashes or a standalone eyeliner. Enjoy the versatility that adapts to your ever-changing style.

50,000 Girls Love Seurico™: Unmatched Elegance!

Seurico™ stormed the beauty world in 2023, gracing the pages of Vogue Beauty.

Earning widespread acclaim, Seurico™ is the go-to for over 50,000 girls, revolutionizing eyeliner and lash application with unmatched versatility and waterproof features.

Charming Eyes Simplified: Seurico™ Pen's Beauty for Every Customer!

- Olivia, Los Angeles, USA 🛡️Verified Buyer
"No mess, no fuss—Seurico's pen is a lifesaver. It's a sleek, time-saving solution for achieving beautiful, waterproof eyeliner and false lashes. A must-have for hassle-free glam!"
- Lyra, Melbourne, Australia 🛡️Verified Buyer
"Finally, a pen that's both waterproof and glue-free! Seurico's eyeliner adhesive pen is my go-to for quick, flawless lashes, and I owe the discovery to my makeup-savvy friend who swears by it. It's a genius solution for effortless, long-lasting beauty."
- Fiora, Milan, Italy 🛡️Verified Buyer
"Running late for a date, but Seurico came to my rescue! One pen, double duty—eyeliner and lash glue. Makeup game strong, effortlessly. My boyfriend was impressed with my speedy glam!"
- Eira, Manchester, United Kingdom 🛡️Verified Buyer
"Seurico™, my travel buddy! Compact and versatile—perfect for touch-ups on the go. Effortless glam, whether it's a business trip or a weekend getaway. I'm sold—I'll continue to buy it!"

What Makes Seurico™ Pen Special?

✅Glue-Free Brilliance

Unleash hassle-free glamour with our innovative formula—no more messy glues. Seurico™ ensures seamless application for stunning lashes without the stickiness.

✅Waterproof Elegance

Dive into confidence with waterproof perfection.

Whether it's tears of joy or a sudden rain shower, your lashes stay intact, highlighting your eyes with enduring allure.

✅Swift & Chic

Embrace the fast lane of beauty.

Seurico™ dries in a mere 10 seconds, transforming your routine into a swift, efficient process. Achieve captivating eyes without the wait—time is on your side.

✅24-Hour Captivation

Be the center of attention from dawn to dusk.

Seurico™ pledges a long-lasting allure that doesn't fade away. Enjoy 24 hours of captivating beauty, leaving a lasting impression.

✅Non-Sticky Confidence

Elevate your makeup game with Seurico™'s non-sticky magic.

Feel the confidence of flawless lashes without the discomfort of traditional adhesives. Let your eyes do the talking, effortlessly.

Lead Beauty Stylist' Testimonial

- Anneliese Watson, Lead Beauty Stylist, GlamourGlow, USA

"Seurico™ has been my go-to for makeup artistry for the past 4 months, and I've gone through 4 pens. Its glue-free, waterproof formula ensures flawless looks that last. The two-in-one functionality streamlines my work, making it a must-have. Highly recommended for artists and beauty enthusiasts alike."

Amelie's Eyelash Elegance: Seurico's Mess-Free Solution

"Putting on eyelash glue before was a total mess—like being a clumsy artist with glue everywhere but on my lashes. It took forever, and I was scared of accidentally gluing my eyes shut. Then came Seurico—a clever pen that's both eyeliner and lash glue."

"Seurico is my eyelash superhero. The pen is precise, making it super easy, and the glue keeps my lashes in place all day. No more waiting for glue to dry or accidental glue mishaps. With Seurico, my lashes stay on, and I can enjoy the perfect flutter hassle-free. I love it so much that I'm buying 3 more for my friends."

Product Specifications


  • Color: Black, Transparent, Pink
  • Net Weight: 18g
  • Size:139*17*14mm
  • Pen Tube: Full diamond gold-plated shell


Q: What makes Seurico™ Two-in-One special?

A: Seurico™ combines eyeliner and lash adhesive in one, streamlining your beauty routine.

Q: Is it easy to apply?

A: Absolutely! The pen format ensures precise application for both eyeliner and lash glue.

Q: Can I use it with any false lashes?

A: Absolutely! Seurico™ is compatible with a wide range of false lashes.

Q: Does it irritate sensitive eyes?

A: Seurico™ is designed with sensitive eyes in mind, minimizing irritation.

Q: Can I use it for everyday wear?

A: Yes, Seurico™ is perfect for everyday use, providing a quick and easy makeup solution.

Q: Does it smudge throughout the day?

A: No, Seurico™ is smudge-resistant, keeping your makeup flawless.

Q: Can I create different eyeliner styles with it?

A: Absolutely! Seurico™ allows you to create various eyeliner styles, from subtle to bold.

Q: Is Seurico™ suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, Seurico™ is beginner-friendly, making it easy for anyone to achieve professional-looking results.

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