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Wireless Earwax Remover Otoscope Tool Smart Ear Cleaning Kit w/ Camera LED Light

Wireless Earwax Remover Otoscope Tool Smart Ear Cleaning Kit w/ Camera LED Light

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Wireless Earwax Remover Otoscope Tool Smart Ear Cleaning Kit w/ Camera LED Light

Wireless Earwax Remover Otoscope Tool Smart Ear Cleaning Kit w/ Camera LED Light

Regular price $23.97
Regular price $23.97 Sale price $59.99
SAVE 60% Sold out

Are you tired of ineffective Q-tips cleaning your ears?


Do you know the dangers of blindly ear picking?

Our Wireless Earwax Remover Otoscope Tool is the perfect solution for you! With an award-winning system built to keep your ears clear, this ear cleaner is 100% satisfying and safe. It supports HD live streaming over WiFi through our App, with six ultra-bright LEDs lighting up the entire ear canal for perfect visibility and control. With its 5 unique brightness levels, you can see crystal clear videos from inside your ear canal. The 4.5mm lens is washable with water, making it suitable for complex environments. Plus, it has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a long-lasting battery life of about 30 minutes.

With Wi-Fi visual connections, it's compatible with iOS and Android devices. It gives you access to information that you've never had before - What's actually inside your ears? What's actually causing that itch, pain or irritation?

Download the "BeBird" APP before use and enjoy a new ear cleaning experience with our Wireless Earwax Remover Otoscope Tool!

Wireless Smart Visual Ear Cleaner Otoscope NE3 Ear Wax Removal Tool with Camera Ear Endoscope 1296P Kit for iPhone iPad Android

NE3 Wireless Otoscope: Natfire NE3 upgraded on the basis of previous generation. The product is fully FCC, RoHS, CE compliant. We upgrade harmless accessories. Suitable for oily ear, increase more safety to different people in different occasions.

360° Wide Angle & 1296P HD Image: The professional ear cleaner has 360° wide-angle professional grade lens which allows you to see the real-time images of tiny details inside your ear canal 360°. The endoscope improves clarity while removing the wax residue. It also enhances the accuracy of eliminating every single buildup to make your ears wax-free!

Easy to Use & Wide Compatibility: Scan QR code on manual, download and install the APP on your device. Press and hold the power button on top of device to turn on the ear cleaning rod and then connect WiFi (Name: HNDEC-xxxx) with your device. The APP works with all of Android smartphone / tablet and IOS iPhone / iPad.

Wide Range of Application: The product allow you not only check ear canal and clean earwax, help your family member do ear exam, but also check ear for your dog and cat. It is also suitable for skin, nose and teeth examination and more.

🔦 Ultra-bright LEDs: Six ultra-bright LEDs light up the entire ear canal, promoting perfect visibility and control. 
💻 1296P and WIFI Connection: High-definition low-latency 1296P high-definition picture, with a strong WIFI signal and a smooth picture without delay.
💦 Daily Waterproof: Washable lens is suitable for complex environments such as dry ears and oily ears. 
🔋 Long-lasting Battery Life: Built-in high-quality 120mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with a battery life of about 30 minutes. 

- Material: ABS 
- Lens inner diameter: 3.6MM 
- Pixel: 3 million 
- Color: Black/White 

1. Download the "BeBird" APP before use. 
2. Connect the Wireless Earwax Remover to your device via Bluetooth. 
3. Insert the ear cleaner into your ear canal. 
4. Turn on the device and adjust the brightness to your preference. 
5. Clean your ears and observe the ear canal through the app. 
6. When finished, turn off the device and remove it from your ear.

Q: Does this product support iOS systems? 
A: Yes, this model supports the iOS system. 

Q: How do I charge the Wireless Earwax Remover? 
A: You can charge the device via USB. 

Q: How can I adjust the brightness? 
A: You can adjust the brightness through the app.

Q: How do I clean the ear tips? 
A: 1) Unscrew the Ear Tip from the device.
2) Carefully wipe the Ear Tip with hot water or alcoholic cotton swabs.
3) Once finished, ensure the Ear Tip is tightly screwed on to the device.

Q: What does it come with? 
A: The contents include:
1) Gift box packaging
2) Wireless visible Earpick
3) User manual
4) Ear spoon jar
5) 4 Earpick heads
6) Type-C USB cable

Q: How and When to Use?
A: It is ideal for cleaning around the outer ear by gently removing wax. The human ear canal is about 2.5 cm (1 inch), and ends with the eardrum. To avoid injury, do not go further than 1 cm into the ear with this device. The devices are not to be used unless you have connected to the app and are streaming live video footage. If problems occur, consult a medical professional. Not suitable for use on or by children under the age of 18. Please ensure you read the user manual which comes in the packaging before using this device.

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