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Seurico™ All-Purpose Stubborn Stain Cleaning Powder - Recommended by Domestic Service Companies

Seurico™ All-Purpose Stubborn Stain Cleaning Powder - Recommended by Domestic Service Companies

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Seurico™ All-Purpose Stubborn Stain Cleaning Powder - Recommended by Domestic Service Companies

Seurico™ All-Purpose Stubborn Stain Cleaning Powder - Recommended by Domestic Service Companies

Regular price $12.99
Regular price $12.99 Sale price $19.99
SAVE 35% Sold out

Stubborn Stains, Meet Your Match: Seurico™ Cleaning Marvel!🏆

Tired of with stubborn stains? Enter Seurico™ All-Purpose Cleaning Powder, endorsed by 9 out of 10 domestic service companies.

From kitchen spills to clothing mishaps, Seurico™ works 5 times faster, tackling stains with precision. Transform your spaces effortlessly and enjoy the power of 30% faster cleaning!

Satisfied Customers, Spotless Living: Transform Your Home with Seurico™ Magic!

“I heard someone call Seurico cleaning powder "magic," and I totally agree after using it. I bought it for my pots and pans, and it worked so well that it removed tough stains easily. Now, I use it everywhere in my house. It's really amazing—I'm even planning to buy 10 more bottles!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Katrina Hawkins, USA 🛡️Verified Buyer

"For months, I struggled with a serious cockroach problem in my apartment. I tried traps and sprays, but nothing did the trick. That's when I discovered Seurico cleaning powder, and let me tell you, it made a huge difference. It not only cleaned my kitchen stuff but also kicked those roaches out. After just 2 weeks of using it, I haven't seen a single roach. I highly recommend it to all my friends." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Albert Woods, Australia 🛡️Verified Buyer

Why Choose Seurico™ Cleaning Powder Over Others?

✅All-Purpose Cleaning Excellence

Seurico™ is not your ordinary cleaning powder; it's a game-changer! From kitchenware to apparel, cars to combating unwanted pests like cockroaches, Seurico™ does it all.

✅Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

One bottle of Seurico™ cleaning powder delivers the punch of 5 traditional spray bottles. It's fast, effective, and efficient.

It wipes away stuck-on dirt, dust, grease, rust, oxidation, and stubborn stains, leaving behind a non-greasy, shiny finish that stays resistant to future rust.

✅Say Goodbye to Cockroach Woes

Cockroaches carry diseases, causing trouble for 2 million people each year according to The World Health Organization. Keep your home healthy—tackle pests now!

Seurico™ employs a dual-action formula, not just cleaning but actively repelling pests like cockroaches.

Its unique blend of ingredients creates a protective shield, disrupting the environment that pests thrive in and ensuring a pest-free home.

✅Gentle on Your Hands

Cleaning shouldn't be harsh on your hands.

Seurico™ ensures a gentle yet powerful cleaning experience, leaving your hands unharmed.

✅Eco-Friendly Warrior

Elevate your cleaning with a guilt-free conscience.

Seurico™ champions eco-friendly practices, designed with a commitment to using environmentally conscious ingredients for a greener home.

Domestic Experts Recommend This Cleaner!

- Communications Manager, GreenHome Cleaning Services, United States

"Seurico™ All-Purpose Cleaning Powder has become an indispensable asset in our domestic services. Its potent blend of penetrating agents and bio-enzymes delivers exceptional stain removal, ensuring our clients' spaces remain immaculate. The non-destructive cleaning properties resonate well with our commitment to preserving surfaces. The cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage, allowing us to enhance service quality without compromising on budget. Seurico™ has truly elevated our cleaning standards, and we proudly endorse its efficacy."

Product Specifications

  • Product: Seurico™All-Purpose Stubborn Stain Cleaning Powder
  • Volume: 110g, 250g
  • Ingredients: Penetrating agent, surfactant, composite biological enzyme
  • Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place
  • Eco-Friendly: Yes
  • Functions: Powerfully penetrates, eliminates tough stains, safeguards your surfaces with non-destructive cleaning, and ensures a pest-free environment—no more cockroaches.


  • Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes, Seurico™ is environmentally responsible, leaving no harmful residues behind.

  • How fast does it work on stains?

Seurico™ works rapidly, delivering visibly measurable results in a short period.

  • Does it leave a greasy residue?

No, Seurico™ leaves a non-greasy, bright finish, ensuring a clean and polished look.

  • Can it remove rust stains?

Absolutely! Seurico™ effectively removes rust stains, restoring surfaces to their pristine condition.

  • Does it have a strong chemical odor?

No, Seurico™ is formulated to be odor-free, providing a pleasant cleaning experience.

  • Is it safe for hands?

Yes, Seurico™ is designed to be gentle on hands, making it safe for regular use.

  • Does it prevent future rust?

Yes, Seurico™ leaves a finish resistant to future rust, providing long-lasting protection.

  • How cost-effective is Seurico™?

Very cost-effective! One bottle equals the cleaning power of 5 ordinary sprays, saving you money.

  • Is it suitable for professional cleaning services?

Absolutely! Seurico™ is trusted by professionals for its efficiency and versatility.

  • Is it effective against pet stains?

Yes, Seurico™ effectively removes pet stains, ensuring a clean and odor-free environment.

  • Can it be used on carpets?

Yes, Seurico™ is safe and effective on carpets, lifting stubborn stains effortlessly. 

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