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[Instant Knockout]ODEIUN Sleep Mist

[Instant Knockout]ODEIUN Sleep Mist

 (932 Reviews)

check_circle Promotes Restful Sleep: Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

check_circle Natural Lavender Extracts: Safe and refined essential oils.

check_circle Soothes Mind and Body: Relax with plant-based aromas.

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[Instant Knockout]ODEIUN Sleep Mist

[Instant Knockout]ODEIUN Sleep Mist

Regular price $45.98
Regular price $45.98 Sale price $90.00
SAVE 48% Sold out


Get a full night’s rest with the ODEIUN Sleep Mist!


-"This sleep spray is a lifesaver! A few sprays on my pillow each night, and the whole room fills with a soothing aroma that helps me drift off quickly. I especially love the lavender and sweet orange essential oils; they smell so comforting."

-"Since I started using this spray, my sleep quality has greatly improved. The scent of Agilawood and ebony is incredibly relaxing and truly effective. I have a restful night's sleep every night and wake up feeling refreshed."

-"This spray is fantastic! The blend of bergamot and geranium essential oils is perfect for unwinding. I feel so much more relaxed after using it, and falling asleep has become easier. Highly recommend!"

-"I used to have trouble sleeping due to stress, but this spray has made a noticeable difference. The citrus essential oil fragrance makes me feel warm and secure, and I sleep well every night."


(Agilawood):Agilawood, also known as agarwood, is renowned for its deep woody aroma and ability to soothe the nervous system. It helps alleviate anxiety and stress, promoting relaxation and deep sleep.

(Ebony):Ebony emits a warm woody fragrance that helps calm emotions and relax tense nerves. It is also believed to improve sleep quality, promoting a peaceful sleep experience.

(Sweet Orange Essential Oil):Sweet Orange Essential Oil has a bright, fruity aroma that uplifts the mood, reduces tension, and anxiety. It also helps relax muscles, promoting physical and mental relaxation for a comfortable sleep environment.

(Lavender Essential Oil):Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most well-known oils for calming and promoting sleep. It helps relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and aids in falling asleep while soothing emotions and enhancing sleep quality.

(Geranium Essential Oil):Geranium Essential Oil balances emotions, reduces stress, and anxiety. Its floral scent helps regulate mood, provides emotional comfort, and promotes relaxation for easier sleep.

(Bergamot Essential Oil):Bergamot Essential Oil has a fresh citrus aroma that uplifts the mood, reduces emotional fluctuations, and promotes feelings of relaxation and tranquility. It is also used to reduce stress and anxiety, creating a positive mindset for sleep.

(Citrus Essential Oil):Citrus Essential Oils (such as Lemon, Orange, etc.) have refreshing aromas that uplift the mood and add a sense of joy. They also help reduce anxiety and stress, promote relaxation, and create a warm environment for sleep.


First Week:During the first week of using the sleep spray, Ronald noticed an improvement in his time to fall asleep. It used to take him half an hour, but now he drifts off in about 15 minutes after spraying. He particularly enjoys the scent of lavender and sweet orange essential oils, which make him feel very relaxed.

Second Week:By the second week, Ronald's sleep quality had further improved. He noticed that he could sleep through the night without waking up and felt more refreshed in the morning. The scent of Agilawood and ebony made him feel more at peace when falling asleep, significantly reducing his stress.

Eighth Week and Beyond:By the eighth week, Ronald had fully adapted to using the sleep spray. His sleep cycle became regular, allowing him to enjoy deep sleep every night. After several months, his overall quality of life significantly improved, with stable and efficient sleep, waking up refreshed every morning.


Fuller and Deeper Sleep- The ODEIUN Sleep Mist coaxes you to a deeper, fuller, and more restorative sleep so that you can wake up ready and energized the next day!

Relaxing- The ODEIUN Sleep Mist contains muscle relaxers and gentle scents that would easily lull you to sleep.

Non-Invasive-  The ODEIUN Sleep Mist is a non-invasive sleep aid. It is applied topically to take effect.

Gentle Scent- The ODEIUN Sleep Mist is made from natural and organic ingredients that have a naturally gentle scent, something synthetic aromatherapy aids don’t have.

Safe- The ODEIUN Sleep Mist is made from organic and dermatologically-friendly ingredients.

Nightly Use- The ODEIUN Sleep Mist can be used nightly.

Easy to Wash off-  The ODEIUN Sleep Mist is easy to wash off by usual soaps and cleansers. 


In the evening, spray the spray gently on your pillow or sheets, or directly into the air. With its gentle fragrance, you will enter a period of deep relaxation and comfort. No need to worry about residue, just enjoy a night of peace and elegance.

Let our ODEIUN Sleep Mist be your trusted companion every night. Enjoy this gentle encounter with yourself, starting tonight.

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