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Seurico™ UVC Light Toilet Sterilizer Rechargeable

Seurico™ UVC Light Toilet Sterilizer Rechargeable

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Seurico™ UVC Light Toilet Sterilizer Rechargeable

Seurico™ UVC Light Toilet Sterilizer Rechargeable

Regular price $22.97
Regular price $22.97 Sale price $39.99
SAVE 42% Sold out

Germs in Your Toilet: Why Cleanliness Matters!

The World Health Organization highlights that even after flushing, toilets can harbor a significant number of bacteria, reaching up to 100,000 annually.

This poses a risk to millions of people who may suffer from various infections associated with inadequate toilet hygiene. These can range from gastrointestinal infections to the development of hemorrhoids, skin infections, and more.

Seurico™: Elevating Hygiene and Comfort with UVC and Aromatherapy!

Seurico™ excels as a top-tier toilet sterilizer, blending automatic UVC light with an aromatherapy tablet.

This innovation guarantees a 99.9% sterilization rate, providing both a pristine toilet and a pleasantly scented, soothing restroom atmosphere—elevating user satisfaction.

Customer-Approved Cleanliness:

Seurico™ Toilet Sterilizer Creates a Fresh and Fragrant Bathroom Experience!

 - Tybalt, London, UK 🛡️Verified Buyer
"Seurico UVC sterilizer, doctor-approved! Battled illness traced to unseen bathroom bacteria. Now, with Seurico, I'm safeguarded. Grateful for health and hygiene."
- Fiora, Austin, USA 🛡️Verified Buyer
"Worried about invisible bathroom bacteria? I was too, until I discovered the Seurico sterilizer. Now, my bathroom is like a safe haven, and I can finally relax knowing it's truly clean."
- Phineas, Mexico City, Mexico 🛡️Verified Buyer
"Busy schedule? No worries! Seurico sterilizer has got my back. Automatic UV sterilization with a closed lid and a cool night light when it's open—talk about efficiency!"
- Mirielle, New York, USA 🛡️Verified Buyer
"Before I got the Seurico sterilizer, my bathroom struggles were real. The constant battle against unpleasant smells made using the toilet a less-than-pleasant experience. Now, it's a breath of fresh air every time!"

UVC: How Does It Excel in Sterilizing Environments?

Backed by the comprehensive study "HygieneAdvancements2023," Seurico™ stands out in toilet sterilization.

At 275nm, UV-C damages the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing.

This disruption ensures a thorough and efficient sterilization process, making UV-C a powerful and reliable method for eliminating bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

What Makes Seurico™ Special?

✅Automated Sterilization

  • Close the toilet lid, and our device automatically tilts30 degrees to activate UV-C sterilization. After 3 minutes, it turns off.
  • Open the lid, and it activates a gentle night light for 10 seconds before entering sleep mode. One-button startup for initial use.

✅99.9% Germ Elimination

    In just 3 minutes, Seurico™ effectively eliminates over 99.9% of germs, including viruses associated with fecal contamination. It's a powerful shield against harmful pathogens.

    Chemical-Free Disinfection

      Seurico™ relies on physical UV-C light waves, leaving no chemical residues.

      Research supports UV-C's ability to eradicate coronaviruses, making it a safe and chemical-free choice.

      480° Cross-Reflective Sterilization

        The 4D VC-LED intelligent core emits a broad 120° light, reflecting 360° across the toilet bowl.

        This unique design ensures comprehensive sterilization, leaving no corner untouched.

        Ozone-Free UV-C Spectrum

          Unlike long-wave UV light that generates ozone, our short-wave 275nm UV-C spectrum is ozone-free.

          This ensures a healthy and safe disinfection process without compromising air quality.

          Odorless and Safe

            Seurico™ Smart UV Toilet Sterilizer operates without producing ozone, making it safe for pregnant women and ensuring a pleasant, odor-free bathroom experience.

            IP64 Waterproof Rating

            Seurico™ toilet sterilizer boasts an IP64 waterproof rating, ensuring its resilience against water exposure in bathroom settings.

            This feature enhances durability, making it a reliable and safe choice for daily use.

            Hotel-Recommended Toilet Sterilizer

            - Mr. Jonathan Reynolds, Head of Operations, the Grand Horizon Hotel, USA

            “Seurico™ UVC Light Toilet Sterilizer, with its innovative design, combines UV sterilization and aromatherapy seamlessly. When the toilet lid is closed, it activates a UV light sterilization for 3 minutes, effectively killing 99.9% of germs. Opening the lid triggers a gentle night light for 10 seconds before entering sleep mode. This chemical-free solution ensures a deep, immediate microbial elimination, promoting health and safety without any chemical residue. A must-have for our commitment to guest well-being.”

            1. Peel off the backing: Remove the adhesive backing from the product.
            2. Stick onto toilet lid: Affix the product onto the toilet lid.
            3. Attach the sterilizer: Snap on the sterilizer in place.

            Product Specifications

            • Product Name: Seurico™ UVC Light Toilet Sterilizer Rechargeable
            • Rated Voltage: 7V
            • Charging Voltage: 5V
            • Rated Power: 25W
            • Charging Current: 500mA
            • Product Size: 90x90x34mm
            • Standard Accessories: Type-C charging cable, 3M adhesive pad, Certificate of Compliance, Aromatherapy tablet, Adhesive assistant, Folding user manual.


            Q: Is the Seurico™ sterilizer rechargeable?

            A: Yes, Seurico™ comes with a rechargeable battery, providing convenience and flexibility for use without relying on external power sources.

            Q: Can Seurico™ be used on any type of toilet?

            A: Yes, Seurico™ is designed to be compatible with all toilet models, making it versatile for various bathroom setups.

            Q: How long does the disinfection process take with Seurico™?

            A: Seurico™ completes its disinfection process in 3 minutes, effectively preventing the spread of harmful viruses through UVC light.

            Q: How does Seurico™ achieve physical sterilization without chemical residues?

            A: Seurico™ employs UVC light, which, according to research, can physically destroy the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, achieving sterilization without chemical residues.

            Q: How does Seurico™ ensure comprehensive sterilization from the toilet seat to the bowl?

            A: With a 480° cross-reflective sterilization, Seurico™ covers every inch from the toilet seat to the bowl, leaving no area untouched.

            Q: Can Seurico™ be used in households with pregnant women?

            A: Yes, Seurico™ is safe for use in households with pregnant women due to its use of UVC light without ozone production.

            Q: Does Seurico™ emit any odors during the sterilization process?

            A: Seurico™ is odorless during operation, providing a pleasant and hygienic experience without the production of ozone.

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